Talk: Keizo Matsubara

The Geneva Symmetry Group, Beyond Spacetime, and the Space and Time After Quantum Gravity Project are happy to present

Keizo Matsubara (UIC):
Why Lewisian metaphysics does lead to scepticism

Wednesday, 22 March, 18:00

Room L107 at 2, Rue De-Candolle

Anyone who wishes to attend this talk is welcome. The talk will be 1 Einstein (out of 5).

Abstract: Some aspects of Lewisian metaphysics are criticised. Lewis’s account — which combines Humean supervenience with modal realism — is found to be problematic and to lead to scepticism regarding our ability to trust scientific predictions. Critique of the kind presented in this text has been levelled against Lewis before. He has responded by arguing that his metaphysical position is not more problematic than other views. Here it is argued that Lewis’s responses are unsatisfactory. Thus serious belief in Lewis’s account is not compatible with trust in predictions made using our best scientific theories.

About wuthrich

I am a philosopher of physics at the University of Geneva.
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