Talk: Adam Koberinski

The Geneva Symmetry Group, Beyond Spacetime, and the Space and Time After Quantum Gravity Project are happy to present a talk by Adam Koberinski (Western):

Wednesday, 28 March 2018, in Room L208 at 2, Rue De-Candolle:

Adam Koberinski (Western): Problems with the cosmological constant problem

Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome.


Adam Koberinski (Western): Problems with the cosmological constant problem

Abstract: “The cosmological constant problem is widely viewed as an important barrier and hint to merging quantum field theory and general relativity. It is a barrier insofar as it remains unsolved, and a solution may hint at a fuller theory of quantum gravity. I critically examine the arguments used to pose the cosmological constant problem, and find many of the steps poorly justified. In particular, there is little reason to accept an absolute zero point energy scale in quantum field theory, and standard calculations are badly divergent. It is also unclear exactly how a semiclassical treatment of gravity would include a vacuum energy contribution to the total stress-energy. Large classes of solution strategies are also found to be conceptually wanting. I conclude that one should not accept the cosmological constant problem as a problem that must be solved by a future theory of quantum gravity.”

In terms of technical difficulty, this talk rates 3.5/5

About wuthrich

I am a philosopher of physics at the University of Geneva.
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