Talk: Louis Vervoort

The Geneva Symmetry Group is happy to present an online talk by Louis Vervoort:

Thursday, 8 October 2020, at 16:15 over ZOOM:

Louis Vervoort (University of Tyumen): The hypothesis of “hidden variables” as a unifying principle in physics

Please find the abstract below.

The meeting is open to all and will be held over ZOOM (, with the meeting ID 926 2949 4706.

Anyone is welcome to participate!

Best regards,
Christian Wüthrich


Louis Vervoort (University of Tyumen): The hypothesis of “hidden variables” as a unifying principle in physics

Abstract: In the debate whether ‘hidden variables’ could exist underneath quantum probabilities, the ‘no hidden-variables’ position is at present favored. In this article I attempt to provide a more equilibrated verdict, by pointing towards the heuristic and explanatory power of the hidden-variables hypothesis, in particular in its deterministic form. I argue that this hypothesis can answer three foundational questions, whereas the opposing thesis (‘no hidden variables’) remains entirely silent for them. These questions are: 1) How to interpret probabilistic correlation ? (a question considered by Kolmogorov “one of the most important problems in the philosophy of the natural sciences”, and first analysed by Reichenbach); 2) How to interpret the Central Limit Theorem ?; and 3) Are there degrees of freedom that could unify quantum field theories and general relativity, and if so, can we (at least qualitatively) specify them ? It appears that only the hidden-variables hypothesis can provide coherent answers to these problems; answers which can be mathematically justified in the deterministic case. This suggests that the hidden-variables hypothesis should be considered a legitimate candidate as a guiding, unifying principle in the foundations of physics.

Please read the paper available at ahead of t

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