christianwu%cc%88thrichChristian Wüthrich – Associate Professor, University of Geneva. Christian’s philosophical interests most prominently include foundational issues in physics, particularly in classical general relativity and quantum gravity. Of course, he also gets excited about the implications of philosophy of physics for general philosophy of science and metaphysics. More specifically, he enjoys thinking about issues such as space and time, persistence, laws of nature, determinism, and causation.

Christian’s Website | Contact

karencrowtherKaren Crowther is a postdoc working on the Swiss NSF-funded project “New Avenues Beyond Space and Time”, together with Niels Linnemann and Christian Wüthrich (PI). Before this, she was a postdoc at the University of Pittsburgh, and before that she received her PhD from the University of Sydney. Karen’s research has focused on inter-theory relations in physics—in particular, the nature of the relationships between quantum gravity and general relativity. Currently, Karen is interested in exploring the role of scientific principles in theory-change, and the principles of quantum gravity.

                                          Karen’s Website | Contact

Vincent Lam is a scientific collaborator at the University of Geneva and a honorary research fellow at the University of Queensland. His research interests include the philosophy and foundations of physics, the epistemology and metaphysics of science. 

                                          Vincent’s Website | Contact

Bapbaptiste-le_bihantiste Le Bihan (postdoc) received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Rennes 1 under the supervision of Pierre Joray and the co-supervision of Jiri Benovsky (University of Fribourg). He works mainly in philosophy of science and metaphysics. In his dissertation, he has studied whether the future can be open, when we operate under the eternalist assumption that the future exists. His researches focus mainly on time, material objects and mereology. He is now working on the possible disappearance of time in quantum gravity in the project Space and Time after Quantum Gravity.

                                          Baptiste’s Website |  Contact

Augustin Baas, PhD in Physics and Master in Philosophy. His thesis project in philosophy “The randomness assumption” is supervised by C. Wüthrich (University of Geneva) and A. Barberousse (Paris-Sorbonne).


nielslinnemannNiels Linnemann is a PhD student working on the Swiss NSF-funded project “New Avenues Beyond Space and Time”, together with Karen Crowther and Christian Wuthrich (PI). Before his thesis project on“Emergent Gravity and Its implications For a Theory of Quantum Gravity”, he studied Maths, Physics and Philosophy in Münster, Lund, Oxford and Cambridge. His major interests currently lie in philosophy of spacetime, philosophy and foundations of quantum gravity and their synthesis, i.e. the philosophy of quantum gravity.

                                            Niels’ Website | Contact

Affiliate members

ProfilbilledeRasmus Jaksland is a PhD fellow in philosophy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He works on a project titled “The Prospects of Naturalized Metaphysics” where he investigate the role of physics in metaphysics, and attempt to assess to what degree metaphysics should be informed by and founded in physics. He is also engaged in research on foundational issues in high energy physics, particularly on the nature of spacetime in the light of the AdS/CFT correspondence and on the metaphysical implications holographic relation between entanglement and spacetime.

Rasmus’ Website | Contact

Former members

radinRadin Dardashti (former doctoral fellow of the Geneva Symmetry group) is an assistant professor at the Leibniz University Hannover. Radin studied physics in Aachen and Queen Mary University of London and philosophy of science at the London School of Economics. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Ludwig-Maximillians Universität München with a dissertation on novel scientific methodologies in modern fundamental physics. He works mainly in philosophy of science (scientific methodology, theory development and assessment) and philosophy of physics (role of symmetries, no-go theorems, analogue gravity).

Radin’s Website | Contact

Juliusz Doboszewski



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