Spring 2019

We will be meeting on Thursdays, 16:15-17:45, room B002, Uni Bastions [map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/]

The most up-to-date program:

  • 21 February: cancelled
  • 28 February: Jos Uffink: Tatiana Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa and the foundations of thermodynamics
  • 7 March: Claudio Calosi: Relativistic persistence
  • 14 March: Bryan Roberts: On the future of the weakly interacting arrow of time
  • 21 March: Karen Crowther: Levels and fundamentality in metaphysics of physics
  • 28 March: Hans Oettinger: Are the fundamental equations of Nature irreversible?
  • 4 April: cancelled (L’Aquila meeting)
  • 11 April: Cristian Mariani: The indeterminate present and the open future
  • 18 April: Miklos Redei: Some features of Bayesian learning based on conditioning using conditional expectations
  • 25 April: no meeting, Easter vacation
  • 2 May: Joshua Babic and Lorenzo Cocco: Special relativity and theoretical equivalence
  • 9 May: Giovanni Valente: On the paradox of reversible processes in thermodynamics
  • 16 May: Patricia Palacios: On the universality of Hawking radiation
  • 23 May: Baptiste Le Bihan: From string theory and loop quantum gravity to eternalism
  • 30 May: no meeting, Ascension day