Spring 2020

We will be meeting on Thursdays, 16:15-17:45, room B111, Uni Bastions [map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/]

UPDATE: As of 2 April, the seminar takes place online, over ZOOM.

The most up-to-date program:

  • 20 February: cancelled
  • 27 February: Joshua Babic and Lorenzo Cocco: A system of axioms for Minkowski spacetime
  • 5 March: Stefano Furlan: On to Helgoland! Metainduction and narratives
  • 12 March: Robert Brandenberger’s visit is postponed
  • 19 March: Louis Vervoort’s visit is postponed
  • 26 March: cancelled
  • 2 April: Saakshi Dulani: Response to Maudlin — The importance of black hole complementarity and the firewall paradox
  • 9 April: Claudio Calosi and Cristian Mariani on indeterminacy in Rovelli’s relational interpretation of quantum mechanics
  • 16 April: no meeting, Easter vacation
  • 23 April: Salim Hirèche: Nomic necessity and the existence of physical entities
  • 30 April: Erik Curiel: On the mathematical, physical, and conceptual cogency of quantum field theory on curved spacetime
  • 7 May: Manus Visser: The holographic principle: its meaning and implications
  • 14 May: Lorenzo Cocco: Field’s system of classical mechanics
  • 21 May: no meeting, Ascension day