Spring 2021

UPDATE: Although we normally meet in B111 of Uni Bastions (see below), we will be meeting over zoom at least until the end of the semester.

We will be meeting on Thursdays, 16:15-17:45, room B111, Uni Bastions [map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/]

The most up-to-date program:

  • 25 February: USI MAP seminar with James Ladyman (18:00-20:00)
  • 4 March: Enrico Cinti, Alberto Corti, and Marco Sanchioni: On entanglement as a relation
  • 11 March: Lorenzo Lorenzetti: Wave function realism vis-à-vis functional reduction
  • 18 March: Ryan Miller: Priority monism’s quantum problems
  • 25 March: Catalina Curceanu: Quantum mechanics tested in the cosmic silence of Gran Sasso underground laboratory
  • 1 April: Emilia Margoni: The principle of universality in condensed matter physics: the case of the harmonic chain
  • 8 April: no meeting, Easter vacation
  • 15 April: Leïla Haegel: Epistemological considerations regarding gravitational waves astrophysics (by a practitioner)
  • 22 April: Lorenzo Cocco, Joshua Babic, Claudio Calosi: Nominalistic integration
  • 29 April: Sam Baron (starting at 08:15): Approximate spacetime functionalism
  • 6 May: Baptiste Le Bihan: Mereology in quantum gravity
  • 13 May: no meeting, Ascension day
  • 20 May: David Schroeren: No function for functionalism in philosophy of physics
  • 27 May: Maria Nørgaard: A modal challenge for the pure bundle theory of universals

Zoomiquette for online meetings:

  • Please use your real name in the meeting.
  • All participants will in general have their videos switched ON and their microphones switched OFF. The latter is better for bandwidth and the former is no problem for it, but will make the video conference approximate a normal human interaction.
  • If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please either raise your hand (there is a function in zoom for that), or, preferably, say so in the chat.
  • For a finger, please say ‘finger’ in the chat.
  • Once the chair calls on you (and please only then), unmute your microphone and speak. You can leave your microphone on for a follow-up question.