Spring 2022

We will be meeting on Thursdays, 16:15-17:45, room B002, Uni Bastions [map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/]

The most up-to-date program:

  • 24 February: meeting cancelled
  • 3 March: Hippolyte Lazourenko-Dourdent (Grenoble): Time travel without paradoxes? An introduction to indefinite causal orders
  • 10 March: Hans Halvorson (Princeton): The logic in philosophy
  • 17 March: Saakshi Dulani (Geneva): Black hole paradoxes
  • 24 March: Lucy James (Bristol and Geneva): Locality and separability in solutions to the problem of time
  • 31 March: David Schroeren (Geneva) on permutation invariance and haecceitism
  • 7 April: Emilia Margoni (Pisa/Firenze and Geneva): Can Bohmian mechanics be a minimalist ontology?
  • 14 April: Joshua Babic (Geneva): Spacetime, modality, and equivalence
  • 21 April: no meeting, Easter vacation
  • 28 April: Ryan Miller (Geneva): Mereological atomism’s quantum problems
  • 5 May: Enrico Cinti (Geneva, Urbino), Cristian Mariani (Grenoble) and Marco Sanchioni (Urbino): Lack of value definiteness in quantum gravity
  • 12 May: Marta Pedroni (Geneva): Double spacetime emergence unified
  • 19 May: Lorenzo Cocco (Geneva): Field’s program and electrodynamics
  • 26 May: no meeting, Ascension day