Visitor Information

If you are visiting the Geneva Symmetry Group, you will find relevant information on this page. Our offices are on the 4th floor of

Rue de Candolle 2
1211 Geneva

This is where most of the offices of the Department of Philosophy are. For information of how to find us, please see the department’s contact page.

Christian Wüthrich’s office is room 410, many of the rest of the group are in room 411.

You will find a list of hotels (including links) that we commonly use to accommodate visitors on this page. Please let us know if yours is not on the list.

Arriving by air

If you are flying into Geneva Airport, make sure to pick up a free public transport ticket valid for 80 minutes at one of the dispensing machines in the arrivals hall where you pick up your luggage (after the duty free shop, before customs). Once you have cleared customs, you cannot return to this zone and will have to pay CHF 3 for a ticket. For more information, see this page. This is how the machines look like:


By far the best–i.e., fastest, cheapest (free, if you have the ticket), most convenient–way to get to the city centre is by taking the train. Follow the signs to the trains. There will be a train to the central station (‘Genève Cornavin’) leaving every 15 minutes or so for most of the day and it will take 7 minutes to the main station. Every train leaving from the airport train station will go to the central station, and the central station will always be the first stop.

Once you are at the central train station, follow the instructions in the section ‘Arriving by train’. You can also take bus 5 from the airport, which serves the main train station as well as ‘Place de Neuve’, near the University.

Arriving by train

You should travel to Geneva’s main train station, which is also known as ‘Cornavin’. From here, there are many trams and buses to all parts of town, including to the other side of the Rhone River, where the Old City and the University are located. Here is the Geneva public transport trip planner.

To get to your hotel, it is best to check your hotel’s website.

For the university building where the Geneva Symmetry Group is located and the buildings where most of our seminars and colloquia take place, the stops ‘Place de Neuve’, which can be reached from the train station by tram 18 in direction ‘Bachet-de-Pesay’ or by bus 5 in direction ‘Thônex-Vallard’ (which can also be taken directly from the airport), or ‘Plainpalais’, which can be reached by tram 15 in direction ‘Palettes’.

If the weather is nice and your luggage light, you might also want to walk. It’s a lovely walk of about 15 minutes down to the Rhone River, and then into the older part of town. You may even choose to say hello to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the most widely known of us Genevan philosophers, on your way (plan of the city centre including the river island).

Arriving by car

Not a good idea: even though traffic congestion is not as bad as in other cities, it is challenging to find (affordable) parking near the department. Just don’t do it if you can avoid it.

Arriving by bicycle

If you manage to travel and safely arrive in Geneva on bicycle, there is nothing left we can teach you about finding your way around.

After the trip

If you are eligible for a reimbursement, then your hotel should be paid directly by us (except for incidentals). We will need some information to reimburse your travel expenses. Please fill in this simple form and return it together with your receipts, tickets, and boarding passes to our administrator at ‘secretariat-lettres-philo’ AT ‘’.